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Optimum Utilization of Agricultural & Industrial Waste Oils by Ganoderma Lucidium

Optimum Utilization of Agricultural & Industrial Waste Oils by Ganoderma Lucidium

Rajneesh Kumari Sharma 1 , Dr.Dushyant Singh Chauhan 2 , Dr Dharmesh Gupta3

IJANP. 2022 September; 2(3): 5–8. Published online 2022 September


Abstract: In these modern era due to increase in technology, researches human being using various technique for finding product in low cost and time ,money saving .various oils are extracted derived from different parts of plants .Different methods of derivation cause more oil waste .these oil waste are formed in various industrial& domestic refineries like kohlus without treating thrown out in river and on land which cause damage to flora ,fauna in water and soil by forming oil film coating on water reservoir and on land which cause various water and soil pollution ,these oil wastes are causing destruction the animals live in water by blockage or respiration and air blockage. the various white rot fungus like reishi mushroom have the scavenging properties find out in various studies for bioremediation. Its various species are used in beverage industries like syrups, in teas coffees ,concoction are used widely in new generation due to its optimistic properties. The reishi mushroom have capacity of forming lignocellulosic complex ability which is dangerous for living plant, fauna. but this ability is used by human in beneficiary for human being and environment .This quantity is used for converting agrowaste &industrial waste into nutritive form .
The agrowaste and industrial waste like mustard crude oil, menthe oil ,eucalyptus oil waste are derived during extraction , distillation ,filtration processes. The methods used is growth promotion test, Pour plating for evaluation and sample are taken from different domestics sources. the sample preparation and processes includes sample taken in triplets. In this experiment these the crude oil waste are taken for conversion to productive form the experimental substrate for these oil are used to find out the reishi ability for bioremediation. The observation or finding are that the highest amount of colony are found in the mustard crude oil then Menthe oil then eucalyptus oil. these are derived from the mustard seed ,menthe plant parts and eucalyptus plant parts .the observation shows that this fungi convert the waste into qualitative and quantitative product.

Keywords : Bioremediation, crude oils, Ganderma lucidium, lignocellulolytic complexes.