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Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals w.s.r.t. seasonal regimen and natural foods : A brief Review

Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals w.s.r.t. seasonal regimen and natural foods : A brief Review

Dr. Amulya Murthy Aku 1 , Dr. Ashok Patil 2

IJANP. 2021 June; 1(2): 16–18. Published online 2021 June


Abstract: Nutraceutical, a phrase coined from the terms nutrition and pharmaceutical, refers to a food or food product that has health and medical advantages, including illness prevention and treatment. The demand for nutraceuticals has risen in recent years as a result of expanding public knowledge about the importance of good health. Dietary supplements are now widely accessible on the open market. In the United States of America, the nutraceutical sector is worth around 86 billion dollars. In European nations, the figure is somewhat higher. When consumers experience failure with medications, they turn to nutraceuticals or dietary supplements. The illustrious Indian culture has shown that foods may be utilised successfully as medicine to cure and prevent illness. Ayurveda has described the medicinal properties of Ahara (food and nutrition). It is widely accessible and inexpensive, even in the form of homemade cures. The medical food available on the market is far from suitable in terms of price and pharmacological uniformity. Chemically produced meals are likewise detrimental to one's health. Ayurveda contains a plethora of literary sources pertaining to Ahara (food and nutrition) and Vihara (lifestyle). From ancient classical works such as Charak Samhita to more recent classics such as Bhavaprakash, nutrition guidelines have been referenced. Research should be conducted in accordance with sickness and for the purpose of sustaining good health. It is a well known principle in Ayurveda that if you follow a healthy diet there will be no need to take medications. Similarly, the greatest available therapy will be ineffective if the patient does not adhere to dietary limitations. The present paper discusses Ayurvedic nutritional concepts, and feasible and practical Ayurvedic Nutraceutical combinations for various disorders.

Keywords : Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda, Health, Wellness, Food.