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Study of the Knowledge, Awareness, Compliance of Patients with Hypothyroidism

Sana Naeem Shaikh1, Dr Jyoti Rani2, Dr Ameya Joshi3

IJANP. 2021 December; 1(4): 1–7. Published online 2021 December


Abstract: The main objective of this study was to assess the practices and knowledge in the patients of Hypothyroidism. A simple random study was conducted in an Endocrinologist outpatient department in Mumbai. A Questionnaire was circulated online to the patients who visited Endocrinologist. The questionnaire was validated by Dr Ameya Joshi expert endocrinologist before giving it out to the patients. The form was given to 100 patients at clinics of which 72 were filled. Of which 81.5% were female and almost 40% hypothyroid patients were graduate. 50% hypothyroid patients knew the meaning of thyroid. 52% patients thought obese were at a major risk for getting hypothyroidism. 94% patients knew the location of thyroid gland, 62.5% knew the meaning of hypothyroidism, 84.7 % knew they had to visit an endocrinologist for consultation, 93.1% patients took the medicine on time. 72.2% understood that they had to continue the medicine even with normal thyroid levels, 73.6% patients were taking vitamin D and iron supplements,65.3% thought they might lose weight even with hypothyroidism. Around 52.8% people took their medicine in the gap of 30-45 minutes,43.1% assumed iodized salt can cure their thyroid troubles, 50% do not have cruciferous vegetables at all due to hypothyroidism.93.6% perceived weight gain as a major symptom of hypothyroidism. Majority of the people belonged to Metro cities and were well qualified and educated yet lacked basic knowledge about their disease condition. At the end of the survey all the patients were given a patient education booklet regarding Hypothyroidism and General guidelines on Diet.

Keywords : Thyroid, hypothyroidism, knowledge, practices, awareness.